• Analogues of Canadian Medicines in Indian Pharmacies

    The demand for Indian generics in Canada has been growing rapidly in recent years. This is due to many factors: comparatively lower cost in relation to the original drugs. the need to purchase originals only on prescription (for many categories of drugs). In most cases, Indian generics are dispensed without a prescription. deficiency in original medicines and availability of generics. Why are Indian generics cheaper than originals? Each pharmaceutical company introducing new drugs is forced to spend very large amounts on the theoretical development of a new chemical formula, calculation of a dosage form, laboratory and clinical testing, including ones on volunteers, an advertising company and other marketing activities that promote the appearance of a new medicine on the shelves of pharmacies. All this takes 10-15 years, during which pharmacists still do not receive direct profit, but are forced to bear high costs. The patent is limited to 15 years […]

  • The Difference between Viagra and Cialis: Which Medication Do You Need?

    When a man starts to notice erectile problems, the first idea that is likely to pop into his head is to try some kind of a pill to fix that. And that decision is absolutely right. Today there is a good selection of medications that help to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) and to normalize the sex life from the very first tablet. Certainly, the majority of drugs for ED can be bought and used on the doctor’s prescription only, so you cannot choose them at your own discretion. Still, it is better to get acquainted with the options available on your own in advance in order to feel comfortable and confident when discussing the issue with a specialist. As of today, the most popular products for treating ED are Viagra and Cialis, so, it seems to be quite reasonable to familiarize oneself with them in the first […]

  • How to Buy Viagra in Canada safely: The Ultimate Guide to Online Purchasing for Dummies

    If at the beginning of the Internet era buying medication online seemed suspicious, today it is just normal. The online pharmaceutical market is growing rapidly, though it is not possible to give any general figures, as it can hardly be controlled and does not have a single center to collect the data. The acquisition in 2018 of PillPack online drug store by such a retail giant as Amazon alone can be an indicator that moving the pharmaceutical business to the Web is inevitable. For many people, a deterrent for buying online is some perturbing reports of the developing of the illicit market in parallel with the legal one. A scandal with one of the major Canadian exporters of medication CanadaDrugs.com when the Canadian online store was charged by the U.S. court of the state Montana for illegal export schemes undermines the credibility of online purchase of medicines. Another issue is […]

  • Viagra and Herbal (Natural) Viagra: Pros, Cons and Homemade Recipes

    Viagra is the most well-known erectile dysfunction (ED) pill worldwide. It’s main active component Sildenafil works extremely effectively when it comes to the use with most erectile dysfunction symptoms in males from 18 to 65 years old. Yes, like most chemical meds regular Viagra has a number of pros and cons. Pros of taking regular Viagra: 90% efficacy if the medication is taken correctly; Works in 30 minutes after taking; Works after taking one pill. Can be taken on occasion or for a long course; Has many off-label uses like increased sperm count, improved libido, better blood flow, etc.; Viagra works even if you have an erectile dysfunction caused by physical traumas; Multiple tests that improve the original formula of Viagra’s famous blue pills; Cons of regular Viagra: Side effects of Sildenafil. Everyone knows about the negative impact of Viagra on heart, eyes, stomach; High price. Viagra is a well-known […]

  • Stendra vs Cialis: Comprehensive Comparison

    Stendra and Cialis both belong to erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. In addition, they can be used for other purposes, not described in this article, such as, pulmonary hypertension or benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment. However, the main area of application of Cialis and Stendra is ED treatment. In this article we are going to compare both drugs, provide details and outline the key differences in a table below. Check it out! Erectile dysfunction can be characterized by partial or complete inability to reach solid and long-lasting erections during sexual arousal. ED may have various underlying conditions as its causes. Over 70% of men experience erectile dysfunction to the certain extend after the age of 45. To ED aggravating factors belong stress, medication for depression treatment and cardiovascular diseases. Cialis vs Stendra: active ingredients, how they work and what’s the difference Cialis contains Tadalafil as its active ingredient. This pharmaceutical substance belongs […]

  • Do Canadian pharmacies provide Generic Viagra?

    Canadian healthcare has an approved list of generic drugs and Viagra is not an exception. This decision definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Though, the advantages definitely prevail. First of all, generic drugs are less expensive, which plays an important role in reducing healthcare costs. More people now have access to the needed treatment, and dealing with health issues is not too expensive nowadays. What is the difference between brand-name and generic drugs? The brand-name drugs almost don’t differ from the generic ones. For instance, the generic drug makers are allowed up to 20% variation in the active ingredient of original medicine. However, according to research, the variations do not exceed 4% which means that you can expect generic drugs to perform just as well as the original drugs. Pay attention to additional components. When buying generic drugs, you should know your body well to avoid side effects or allergic […]

  • Can you buy Viagra in Canada with delivery to US?

    Insufficient sleep time, everyday stress, and anxiety may result in erectile dysfunction, which may prompt you to consider buying Viagra, allowing you to finally fix your love life. You need to know that you are not alone: it can happen to any man, and it does not mean you are old or untreatable. Modern Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs can really do wonders. Regretably, Viagra cannot be purchased over the counter as you need to show a valid doctor’s prescription in order to buy it. However, buying ED drugs can be quite unpleasant, especially if you need to provide many details about yourself to the pharmacist. Online pharmacies to the rescue! Along with antibiotics and hair loss medicines, ED drugs are among the most popular drugs that are ordered online. It seems like a dream that you can get a prescription with no personal contact and multiple explanations. From your tablet, […]

  • What Is The Rationale Behind Low Prices In Canada?

    Canada is hardly the best country in terms of pricing. According to GOBankingRates, Canada ranks 24th most expensive country to live in. But it does have one particularity: cheap medicine. You may wonder why it is this way, and we have a simple answer to that: generics. Contrary to US and some most influential European and Asian countries, where medicinal drugs are owned by certain brands, many Canadian pharmacies sell unbranded drugs, which makes it much easier for people to get them. Generic drugs are no different to brand-name medications, and they have the same strength, dosage, and quality. And they aren’t any different when it comes to effectiveness and safety; generics can be used instead of original brands, and, oddly enough, you will never tell the difference between them. And yet generic drugs cost up to 70/80% less. Why is it so? Generic drugs can be obtained from many […]

  • Why medications in online pharmacies cost less?

    Frustrating statistics of the Gallup-West Health National Healthcare Study claim that as of September 2019, almost 23% of Americans couldn’t afford to buy drugs. 70% of the respondents say that medication prices are “much higher” and, unfortunately, the reality is that every year drugs tend to become more expensive. That is why people are looking for cheaper options of either buying drugs in neighboring countries or, for example, ordering them from Canadian online pharmacies. But why do mail-order pharmacies sell drugs at such low prices? Read on to find out! The main reasons why buying drugs online is a prudent choice One of the first reasons for significantly lower prices in online pharmacies is that they save on a brick and mortar spot. While local pharmacies have to include high overhead expenses in the selling price, their E-commerce colleagues are gaining popularity by sending millions of prescriptions every year. Another […]

  • Can I buy drugs from Canada with US prescription?

    This article contains rules and steps for buying any foreign drugs. We suspect there are some reasons why you’ve made this decision; they may include the facts that: Brand-name drugs cost less if bought abroad. You can’t find the necessary medicine in the US. Some foreign drugs don’t require prescription at all. Did we get it right? Then let’s focus on the issue. Is it legal? Actually, no (except for some cases). Personal importation (bringing the drugs for personal use) and re-importation (buying drugs from abroad that were made in the US) are against the law. The reasons for this are obvious: The FDA (S. Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for your health, so they can’t give you access to undefined (by their system) medicine. When your drug’s prescription isn’t valid anymore, but you want to continue using the drug, your chances of experiencing side effects increase since prolonged […]