FAQs: The Most Popular Questions


Is the official prescription obligatory?

It depends on the type of medication you’re planning to order. Most brand medications require an obligatory official prescription from the medical practitioner. Nevertheless, there are certain types of meds, pharmaceutical products, and supplements offered without a prescription. If a med requires a prescription, you’ll see a sign next to the product. If you are not sure about your choice, get in touch with our online management.

How many medical items can I add to my order?

The quantity of items is only limited to a 3-months supply. If your physician prescribes the meds for more than three months, you can place them in one order, and we will schedule regular refills. When your 3-months supply starts getting to an end, we forward a refill so that you could get your maintenance medications right on time.

What language do you accept for the prescription?

The language we use for prescriptions is English. If you don’t know how to make an appropriate translation, our specialized pharmaceutical technicians will deal with it. You will not have to pay anything for a translation. However, you will have to get in touch with one of our online staff members to find out more about the languages our translators work with.

Are there geographical limits concerning the prescriptions?

We send our products all over the world. Nevertheless, we work within the policy and official pharmaceutical legislation of the country we send our products to. We also check whether your physician has certification and the right to prescribe controlled drugs and narcotics. We accept prescriptions from the majority of the European countries, as well as from China, Portugal, New Zealand, Turkey, Japan, Australia, and more. Specify whether we work with your postal services before you sign in and place an order.

How can I forward my prescription to you?

You can either do it via fax or email. You can also send the original version of your prescription to us by regular mail. We will keep sending you the refills.

Can I forward the prescription through my doctor?

Of course, you can. If you have no desire to scroll through our catalogs in search of the desired treatment, you can share the contacts of your medical practitioner so that we could discuss your medical therapy later. Log into your account to check the status of your refill updates and the comments of your doctor. If you’re hesitant about anything concerning your prescription, generic replacements for the brand medications, and additional products, get in touch with our online management.

How can I check whether the doctor has sent the prescription or not?

Just log into you’re your account to find out more about your medical treatment history.

I have already forwarded my prescription to you, but nothing happens. What’s next?

We need a bit of time to process the prescription and check whether the information is valid. We must deliver appropriate products to our clients and not harm them in any way.

Med Info & Quality

Are all medications from your pharmacy available in the United States?

Of course. We send meds all over the world and not only in the USA. Please check our website if you are not sure about our geographical coverage. Unfortunately, our service is unavailable in some countries.

Why do you use different names for brand drugs?

These are not different names — these are different drugs. In addition to the renowned brands, we sell a wide range of generic replacements produced by the official manufacturers. Some brand meds have a limited license time. As soon as the license goes out, numerous pharma suppliers from all over the world get a chance to reproduce the meds under different names. These meds can be more effective thanks to a wider range of dosages and enhanced options with the additional components. Besides, differently-names generics often come in a wide range of forms, including injections, chewable options, sprays, and more.

I don’t need child-resistant containers. What should I do?

You’ll have to request a special form so that you can fill it and send a written request to our management. You’ll have to download the form, print it, and fill it. You’ll also have to put a sign and send it to us via fax, email, or real mail. As soon as we get your written request, we accept it and make it a part of your account so that you never get pharma products in child-resistant containers.

Are the medications you offer legitimate and safe?

We are an officially licensed pharmacy working in cooperation with legitimate manufacturers and pharma suppliers. We do our work in line with the respective jurisdictions of our government. We also make sure our suppliers have a good reputation among our competitors.

Do you cooperate with international online pharmacy representatives?

Yes, of course. It helps us cut on expenses, offer lower prices, and cheaper maintenance medications for patients with severe conditions. Contact us for more details if you’re willing to cut corners on your monthly healthcare expenses.

Order Placing & Delivery

How can I get in touch with the pharmacy?

You can either email or make a direct call through our hotline specialists to handle your inquiry and deal with your problem. You can also get in touch with us via an online chat. Our Contact Us page will come in handy if you’re a newbie unable to proceed with the order placement.

We also use fax so that you could share your prescriptions and other documents instantly and safely. We need no more than one business day to study the information and understand what to do next. We’ll get in touch with you in no longer than one working day after your initial request.

When is the right time to get in touch with the call center specialists?

We ask our customers to deal with their orders and financial transactions via the website. The absence of direct contact with the personnel of the online pharmacy gives us the possibility to save time on communication and more payments to the staff. Of course, there are specific questions that should be discussed urgently. These are questions of emergency and late arrivals of maintenance medications that should be taken regularly.

Remember that we are most busy on Monday and Tuesday. It means that you’ll have to wait for the answer for a little bit longer than you might expect. The other days of the week will give you more chances to get in touch with our team members. Anyway, we are ready to get in touch with our clients 24/7.

Are there any limits concerning the number of items in my parcel?

We limit your medication sets by three months of planned consumption. If you’re interested in an increased quantity of the medications (for more than three months), you can order them as automatic refills. Schedule them depending on the recommendations of your doctor.

Can I track my parcel, and is there a shipping policy?

Of course, you can. Nevertheless, everything depends on how much you’re ready to pay for the delivery. Your shipping can either be tracked or untracked. The first one will cost you a bit more. The delivery is about a couple of weeks. If your delivery takes more than two weeks, get in touch with our staff members immediately — we’ll either refund or offer bonuses and significant price reductions with the next orders.

Do you charge anything for prescription shipping?

The shipping is free in case if you don’t need a tracking number. If you’re willing to track your parcel to the United States, you’ll have to pay $10 more. The residents of the other countries have to pay about $20 more for delivery and tracking. If you feel confused about matters concerning the payments, feel free to get in touch with one of our online members for more relevant information.

Can I cancel the order?

Of course, you can. Just send an email notification if your order hasn’t been sent yet. You can also get in touch with us via phone.

What should I do if I’ve already placed an order but haven’t got a confirmation?

There are two explanations for this. Your payment may be still in process, or your confirmation letter was considered spam by your email system. Check the “spam” section in your email box to find out whether you have a notification or not. If something’s going wrong, get in touch with us using the contact info at the bottom of the page.

Privacy Policy

What policies protect the privacy of the customers?

We use SSL encrypted technology to transfer the financial data of our clients. The representatives of our staff members bear full responsibility for the illegitimate distribution of your personal information.

What about the Terms and Conditions?

Proceed to our Terms and Conditions section for more information. We deeply respect our clients and never leave anyone aside in case of trouble.

Customer Loyalty

Do you offer referral rewards?

We are loyal and grateful to our customers, and referral rewards are among our favorite ways of sharing our care and respect. You also can provide your family members and dearest friends with price reductions due to your regular activity in our online store.

Get in touch with our management to find out more about how much you can save on your regular purchases of medications. Seasonal price reductions and discounts for regular clients are more beneficial than you think.

Is there a Guarantee Policy?

Every medicine we offer has been manufactured by a licensed factory and delivered by a trustworthy supplier. We offer identical products with all documents following. Each pharma product we have in stock is ready for immediate delivery. The current prices on the in-stock products will not change if you order them as maintenance pharma products.

How do I know about your reputation?

Merely google for the reviews of our clients online to find out more about our users’ opinions and our overall reputation all over the world. We do not invest in advertising because we understand that nothing makes us more popular than the opinion of our clients.