History of Canadian Meds World


We were a regular brick-and-mortar pharmacy in Ontario, planning to develop the small family business into something significant. Inspiring and helpful for thousands of people hungry for prompt medical support and customer care, we hired a couple of IT pros who managed to arrange a website — a perfectly automated system, that still demanded numerous improvements with the growth of the demand and the development of the internet.

We aimed to guarantee convenience and complete safety for the customers. We also failed the project several times in a row but our persistence helped us to turn a regular online catalog of meds into a thoroughly arranged interactive resource where remote clients could get meds right to the door without any fuss.


It was the year when the majority of the Americans found out about the cheap meds from Canada. Those were high-quality copies of the original brands sold on the territory of the US. That year, hundreds of Americans living in the north of the country started participating in the so-called drug tourism to Canada. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that Canadian drugs were close-at-hand, and there was no need to get anywhere for a pack of cheap pills.

  • We promoted cost savings and finally gained the trust of the American customers;
  • The foreign world got interested in our products (unfortunately, we are still officially unable to send our pharma meds anywhere in the world);
  • We’ve become a unique service with official permission to distribute our goods in America and some European countries.

Hopefully, Florida and Rhode Island were among the first ones to embrace and officially accept our business. We were lucky to have a neighbor like this.


  • We found reliable partners and pharma manufacturers who helped us save up to 50% on pharma costs for the Americans;
  • We started a legal battle with the competitors in the Canadian and American pharmaceutical market;
  • We implemented state-sponsored programs for the American residents, which helped us to become one of the leaders;
  • We offered our customers new safety features and automation — they no longer needed to order the meds monthly thanks to the notifications about the automated refills and personal suggestions for the regular customers.


We developed:

  • A system of reminders;
  • Online tracking of the orders;
  • Interactive order checks;
  • Speedier order processing;
  • Smarter financial protection features;
  • Wholesale business expansion.


It was an experiment, but we managed to withstand the technical limitations. Our IT specialists developed cross-platform access for all devices so that the owners of all operating systems could use our website while searching for recommendations and cheap medications.


We went through a significant improvement thanks to the upgrade of storage and medication transfer procedures. We learned how to pack insulin and other temperature-affected drugs so that they are not spoilt in the process of transfer over-the-border. We invested a lot of effort into packaging and delivery in 2019.

Present Days

We’ve managed to develop in a professional pharmaceutical company delivering goods to anyone who might need regardless of how remote his place of residence is.

  • We know how to help you save on your current pharma expenses;
  • We offer automated refills, which is convenient for patients on maintenance therapies;
  • We offer multi-language online consultations;
  • We know how to pack cold-chain meds.