Shipping Options & Delivery Procedure

Remember that there are rules and regulations concerning shipping and delivery procedures. There are certain situations that cannot be controlled by our management and you need to understand that our customers are equally responsible for the delivery process.

Choose Your Delivery Method

We ship ED, PE, and general healthcare medications not only all over the territory of the United States but also all over the world. However, the list of acceptable countries excludes certain shipping destinations. Make sure your country is in the list of the acceptable ones before you proceed with the order. You can contact our 24/7 online support for relevant information on the shipping destinations.


That’s the cheapest basic way to deliver your parcel. It works well for the shipping within the borders of the country and to over-the-border as well.

Airmail PROS

Airmail CONS

  • It’s cheap – about $15;
  • It’s international.
  • It’s slow – takes up to 21 days and even more in case if you live in rural places;
  • It’s not safe for certain medicines demanding specific storage conditions and temperature requirements.



Express delivery is a lot faster, but it will cost you significantly more, than a standard airmail method. Nevertheless, it’s completely safe for the medications.

Express Delivery PROS

Express Delivery CONS

  • It’s fast – no more than 14 days;
  • It leaves the medications undamaged;
  • It is thoroughly controlled by the courier, who bears responsibility for the integrity of your order;
  • It is discreet;
  • The parcel can be tracked all the way to your door;
  • There are additional options, such as the possibility to re-schedule the delivery.
  • The price is quite impressive – about $25.

Additional Insurance

If you are not pressed on a budget, you can order an additional insurance service from our company. In this case, will take full care of the delivery and you’ll never be disappointed. We will try to prevent any possible shortcomings and we’ll resell the parcel in case if it gets lost or damaged because of the courier.


  • We can cancel the shipping in case if the manufacturer does not have the needed item in stock;
  • In case if you don’t order additional insurance, we will not bear the responsibility for the negligent actions of the courier.