How Do Fat-Burning Supplements Work?

What does an average Australian know about fat-burning supplements? Well, he doesn’t know much, does he? In reality, these supplements are called to be the blends of stimulants and herbs that increase the body temperature assisting in burning more calories while you’re exercising. Synthetic versions of such magic solutions may seem to be more effective, yet only at first. With time they may lead to health problems (heart, liver, kidney, stomach damage), whereas herbal or natural supplements guarantee gradual and safe results.

What supplements are you looking for? You can turn to ones that burn calories or those that stimulate adrenaline release, suppress appetite or increase the metabolic rate. Before making your choice, please have a professional consultation to be on the safe side.

TOP Fat-Burning Supplements for Males

Are you looking for a perfect fat-burning supplement in Australia? Here’s the list we want you to pay attention to:

Whey Protein

Specialists agree that there’s one nutrient that should be regarded as a must in your fat-burning diet and it is whey protein. Why? It is responsible for building blocks for the male’s muscle tissue. When the body lacks it, there’s no way for fat to be burned and muscles to be gained. Whey is only one of protein forms, yet it is absorbed better than others. As to the benefits that you will surely experience, they are:

  1. Promotion of the cardiovascular function;
  2. Convenient use;
  3. Easy strength gaining procedure;
  4. Satisfaction of food cravings;
  5. Optimization of the immune system.

It’s said that whey protein brings more effects than fish or chicken included into the diet. So, why not try it?


This is the option for those, who need to burn fat when working out. L-carnitine is the amino acid. It is responsible for the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria for energy production. It is reported that 500-3.000 mg of L-carnitine ensure a quick and effective transportation of available fat during exercising. Just take the supplement before your work out and enjoy the results. The option is highly useful when a male is on a low-carb diet.

Anabolic Activator

What do you know about anabolic activators? They are under the radar, too! This fat-burning and muscle building supplement provides the male’s body with the nutrients that are essential for the maximization of muscles. As long as muscles need more energy to maintain, the body will spend more calories during the day.


Over the past years, they have been recognized as the best investments that a male can make into supplementing both his diet and exercise routines. The thing is that multivitamins are responsible for encouraging the body’s efficiency for all functions. When there’s a vitamin deficiency, there’s a chance for a multiplying effect: if a single vitamin is missing, all body functions are negatively affected.

When you turn to multivitamins you get a chance to:

  1. Make both bones and tissues stronger;
  2. Ensure a faster metabolism rate which is essential for a quick fat loss;
  3. Add to the healthy functioning of the immune system;
  4. Guarantee an efficient muscle repair and building;
  5. Have no worries concerning daily body maintenance.

Have a check-up and talk to your doctor concerning the multivitamins you can take to burn fat faster.

Yerba Mate

It’s the South American herb that appeared to regain popularity over the last years. As long as it is rich in caffeine, it is often chosen for a fat-burning process by males. Yerba mate is the source of a beverage – mate that is adored by the citizens of the southern and central regions of South America. It is a popular ingredient in some energy drinks, too. The herb includes polyphenols that inhibit enzymes responsible for fat metabolism. The supplement increases satiety due to the fact it slows gastric emptying.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reports concerning the effects provided by yerba mate. Some males report it has much in common with green tea and caffeine. But there’s one fact that remains clear – it is safe. So, why not try this fat-burning supplement?

Thermogenic Formula

A male burns more calories if he has a fast metabolism rate. If you workout regularly, yet still see no great results, you need to boost your metabolism. As a result, losing weight will be much easier. A thermogenic formula is one of the optimal choices by many Australian males. It revs the metabolism more effectively than most other supplements. A formula contains only natural ingredients that also add to the increase of energy levels.

Green Tea

This variant sounds to be pretty simple, doesn’t it? But it is really one of the best fat burners that give a male’s metabolism a jolt. Green tea is full of antioxidants – catechins – that are responsible for the increase of fat burning conditions on the body. The antioxidants guarantee an increase by 4.7% and may assist in preventing serious health conditions, including heart disease or even Alzheimer’s!

Specialists and those males, who’ve already benefited from a cheap drink, suggest drinking it regularly. Use around 8.6-15.7 g a day (nine cups). This fat-burning supplement may pose risks in case of drinking more than that. The overdosing stunts the absorption of the iron you get from food. It also blunts the transportation of oxygen and the production of energy. So, when you go to the gym, you feel tired and lethargic.

Pre-Workout Boosters

Have you ever heard of them? They assist in maximizing the gym time and attacking fat. The boosters increase energy levels and sharp one’s mental alertness or focus. They improve oxygen circulation in blood as well as heighten muscle energy.


Any kind of workout is related to stress. Cortisol is the stress hormone that takes part in the process of fat storage. The more stress is experienced, the more fat is stored. But phosphatidylserine can come to your rescue: it blocks the secretion of cortisol thus allows any male recover faster, burn fat and gain more muscle mass. Take some of it not before but after the workout. If you are training at a really high intensity, taking this supplement is a must.

Effective Combos to Know

Carnitine + Forskolin

In case you are interested in the maximization of fat-burning, choose this combination. It will go directly to the areas the fat is stored in and will burn it really fast. Forskolin will enhance the loss of fat by activating adenylate cyclase enzyme. As for carnitine, it will make fat travel into the cells where it’ll be burned. Take 20-50 mg of Forskolin and 1-3 g of carnitine with breakfast. In 8-12 weeks you will get impressive results.

Ginger + Red Pepper

These two supplements will add to the increase of the fat-burning potential of your body. Use these spices more often than you usually do. The spices will boost the loss of body fat, increase the metabolic rate and guarantee the fat-burning due to the increase in norepinephrine levels.

Mind that red pepper will be more effective when combined with some Mexican foods, while ginger root should better be sliced.

Calcium + Zinc + Selenium

These minerals are critical for burning fat. But they do more than just burn it. They also prevent fat gain. It is suggested to combine 1.000 mg of calcium, 30 mg of zinc and 200-400 mg of selenium daily for safe and fast effects.

What Should Be Avoided?

No need to hide that some fat-burning supplements are known for their bad reputation. There are many unsafe products that lead to numerous side effects. Why so? It’s all because of the unsafe ingredients. If you choose made supplements instead of all-natural ones, please read the label. If you see any of these elements, refuse from making the purchase:

  • 1,3 dimethylamylamine / DMAA;
  • Phentermine;
  • 2,4-Dinitrophenol / DNP;
  • Ephedra;
  • Synephrine;
  • Yohimbine;
  • Bitter orange.

Males with serious kidney, liver or heart problems should refuse from manufactured fat burners. They should try to improve the effectiveness of all-natural supplements. How is that?

Lifestyle changes are essential if you need to improve results provided by fat-burning supplements. Aside from effective exercises performed daily, you need to choose healthy foods, refuse from alcohol and heavy drugs.

Don’t spend money on expensive muscle-building supplements and pills. They aren’t worth the money spent. Choose all-natural options and healthy meals to benefit from results and escape complications because this is what a real man needs!