What are OTC drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotency is an issue of millions of men around the world. And men over 70 years old suffering from ED probably got the disease as early as at 20. Is it possible to treat erectile dysfunction with over-the-counter drugs? Read on to find out.

There is a wide range of treatment options for erectile dysfunction. These options include:

  • oral medications;
  • medication for injection or suppository;
  • medical devices;
  • installation of penile implants;
  • surgery.

There are three main prescription medications for men whose effectiveness is considered proven:

OTC medicines for impotency have been met by Canadian medical community with some controversy. While some of the treatments for ED that are sold on the Internet are really effective, they may be unsafe. Some food additives available online include ingredients that are not mentioned on the label. These ingredients can be dangerous for people who take them. Unspecified ingredients can cause harmful side-effects. These supplements may also interact with other drugs that may make them unsafe.

OTC Treatments

Learning more about co-ingestion of drugs belonging to different drug classes is crucial. A trusted online service curated by leading professionals in in men’s healthcare specialization BCHealth.com increases awareness about drugs, their use, possible interactions, side effects and much more. Alternative sources with a long track of user trust are WebMD.com, Treated.com and Drugs.com. For non-English speakers, Treated.com exists in a variety of other language versions, or you can search for a reliable source of information related to health matters in your own language. But remember that it is your doctor who should always have the final say as to what course your therapy should take.

There are four herbal remedies that have shown positive results during clinical studies:

  • DHEA,
  • L-arginine,
  • ginseng,
  • yohimbe.

But since these supplements are not prescription-based, they have not been thoroughly tested. Moreover, the total amount of the active ingredients indicated on the package may not be true.


DHEA shows generally safe and positive results in men when taken in low doses. Moreover, DHEA can help increase low libido in women. As for L-arginine, it can help men who suffer from ED by improving blood flow to a penis. However, it can also cause mild side-effects, such as cramps and nausea.


Limited studies of ginseng in several countries have proven the ability of ginseng to correct the symptoms of ED. It turned out that it is generally safe for short-term use. The efficacy of yohimbe in the treatment of ED is not yet known. Yohimbe is associated with a number of side-effects, including high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

What Is DHEA?

DHEA is a steroid hormone that is responsible for regulating the majority of the most important processes occurring in the human body. It is a substrate (basis for conversion) of such hormones as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (info) and estrogen, affecting not only the reproductive system, but also the general condition of a person (physical and emotional). DHEA is produced mostly in the adrenal glands and, to a lesser extent, in the testes, ovaries and brain. The amount of the hormone synthesized varies over the course of life. Studies show that the concentration of the hormone in the human body remains normal to 20-25 years. At 50, most people have a DHEA level of less than half the norm, and at 70 it’s no more than 20%. Together with the reduction of DHEA, the production of testosterone and estrogen decreases, which leads to deterioration and the appearance of age-related changes in the body. To prevent or slow down, it is recommended to take drugs containing dehydroepiandrosterone.

The intake of DHEA allows you to:

  • normalize hormone levels, eliminate the symptoms of a crisis in men, and also help improve the condition of other hormonal disorders;
  • reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, endothelial dysfunction and metabolic syndrome;
  • slow down the aging of the body (both external and internal);
  • increase insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of diabetes;
  • reduce the risk of cancer;
  • eliminate chronic fatigue, anxiety and depressive states, improve mental activity, protect the brain from a number of degenerative diseases;
  • reduce the likelihood of AIDS in infected people.

About L-Arginine

In the condition of increased need for amino acids, biologically active additives are used as a subsidized food product. One of these drugs is L-arginine. This is a chemical compound that is synthesized in a human body and is present in metabolic processes. Amino acid is involved in the synthesis of nitrogen oxide, which has a vasodilating and neuro-transmitting effect. Therefore, L-arginine is often used for impotency in relation to which the substance has stimulating properties. Arginine supplementation is prescribed as a prophylaxis or treatment in the context of the alleged deficiency of the substance, given its unique properties.

The drug has the following actions:

  • Affects potency increasing erectile and reproductive abilities of men;
  • Contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels;
  • Participates in tissue regeneration;
  • Has an antitoxic effect;
  • Removes decomposition products from the body;
  • Normalizes the function of the prostate gland;
  • Relaxes and dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow to the organs.
  • Helps to increase muscle mass;
  • Normalizes glucose by increasing insulin synthesis;
  • Stimulates hormonal growth.

Ginseng and Potency

Ginseng is known for its ability to stimulate sexual desire. It instantly acts on organism, and several systems at the same time, which causes a man to have a surge in sexual desire and an increase in orgasmic sensations. In the process of long-term studies of the plant, its ability to enhance sexual function and sexual abilities of the representatives of the stronger half has been repeatedly confirmed. Ginseng has a stimulating effect on penis resulting in a beneficial effect on the health of the entire urinary system. The plant contains many ingredients that have a vasodilating effect, which is important in the treatment of impotency. These components improve the blood supply to a penis, which contributes to an increase in the duration and firmness of erection. In addition, semen has a favorable effect, because the motility and activity of sperm under the influence of ginseng increases significantly improving the quality characteristics of seminal fluid.

The beneficial effects of ginseng root on sexual health and erectile function of a man are explained by the presence of saponins in the composition of the plant. These substances have an incredible ability to stimulate male sexual activity. Preparations based on ginseng root have an incredible benefit for erectile function, and there are practically no side-effects to taking the plant (provided that the dosage is strictly observed). Ginseng is a remedy of universal use, so you can buy it without any discomfort. Due to the above factors, ginseng medications are able to create competition for many well-known stimulants of libido and potency.

Yohimbe’s Curative Effects

Yohimbe is a unique stimulator of plant-based sexuality which is obtained from the bark of a tropical tree called Yohimbe, which grows in areas of West Africa. African tribes from ancient times used the bark of this tree in various forms: they smoked, rubbed into the body, added to food, smelt. The main component in the composition of the cortex is yohimbine alkaloid. The effect of this alkaloid on human body is multifaceted. It activates blood flow to peripheral vessels, causing erection, helps to control ejaculation and contributes to prolongation of sexual intercourse. Yohimbine also increases sexual desire stimulating testosterone production, and is a harmless means of increasing sexual activity in both men and women. The drug is not recommended for kidney disease. Do not take with antidepressants and tranquilizers along with it. Take 1 tablet 1 time per day to maintain the tone or 2-3 tablets 30 minutes before intimate intimacy, as well as other activities related to physical activity.

Not all herbs can be effective for ED. Improved sexual performance has been proven in animal studies. But they have not been officially tested in public. First, you need to talk to your doctor before trying to buy something on the over-the-counter market for the treatment of ED. Otherwise, you can do more harm than good.