Canadian Meds World Pharmacy takes cares of our customers’ wallets. That’s why you can always find the best discount offers on our website. Our online pharmacy also posts prices for generic and branded versions of the same drugs so you could compare the costs. Make sure to follow the updates and use the tips for saving money when buying medications from us, or regular drugstores.

How to save money on purchases in an online pharmacy?

  1. Monitor discount, holiday deals

The first advice is to wait for discount offers and holiday deals, unless the purchase is an emergency case. Keep in mind that in most local drugstores the prices for drugs are higher than in online pharmacies. If you live in a small city, then you can find where the medicine you need is cheaper by checking the comparison charts on our websites. Because your local drugstores will raise prices for sure.

  1. Choose a local drug manufacturer

Many foreign medicines have local U.S. analogues. Check the manufacturer field near the description of each drug listed in online pharmacies. Usually, branded medications have cheaper analogues made in the United States, Canada, etc. Otherwise local manufacturers’ medications cost much more than foreign Indian generics. It depends on the drug’s category. Another plus of using local drugs is that are usually available in stock, unlike some foreign pills. Make sure to check the availability prior to your order.

  1. Treat the cause, not the symptoms

Sometimes it is worth spending every cent on the expensive medicine. Because only some medications treat the cause of a disease and don’t just make the symptoms disappear. Some ED pills, for example, treat only the problem of impotence while the others also help to improve blood flow, semen count and generally enhance male libido. Surely, only a professional online pharmacist or doctor may recommend the medication with a wider spectrum of action. Remember, buy nice or buy twice when it comes to the choice of expensive medications.

  1. Expensive doesn’t always mean the best

Contrary to the previous statement, some medications simply do not cost their price tag. Pharmaceutical companies spend many dollars on developing a formula, trials and marketing of a new drug. Then they get a patent and for 10-20 years to sell this drug exclusively. After the patent’s term expires, other pharmaceutical companies begin to produce analogues called generics. They cost much cheaper, because there is no need to spend on research, trials and marketing.

Ideally, generics should be fully consistent with the original drug’s formula. In practice, everything is not that perfect. Different technologies of production lead to admixtures in the original formula. In its turn, this may lead to serious issues like allergic reactions, decreased efficacy profile of generics compared to branded version. However, some generic manufacturers treat their production process very seriously. It’s safe to buy from trusted sources and trustworthy manufacturers.

How to save yourself from risks of self-treatment?

Most of online pharmacy customers take pills without consulting their healthcare providers. That’s why the our pharmacy prepared a few tips that may actually save your health.

Do not take the drugs that do not work for you. Many medicines and supplements do not work equally well for all people. It’s called individual intolerance. It’s better to the sample pack before buying a whole bottle or blister of new pills. We have sample packages in different categories.

Don’t take the drugs with the same effects in a row. Another important rule that many people neglect during a self-treatment. For example, when you have a cold, it’s better to drink a multi-functional pill that will ease up headache, muscle pain, nasal congestion and coughing. Instead of taking a new drug for each of these symptoms. Yes, such multi-functional drugs may seem more expensive but they have a fewer side effects than all other pills taken at once.

Do not take any drugs “just in case”. Ads say that after taking an antibiotic you must buy probiotics. At first, they also refer to drugs the efficacy of which wasn’t even proved. Secondly, your digestion may deteriorate after taking antibiotics and probiotics will only worsen the situation with stomachache. Also, never take ED drugs if your erection is fine and you simply want to prolong it. Such treatment may cause irreversible effects that are bad for your health.

Be smart, do research before buying any new drugs. You can find cheaper, more effective medications in an online pharmacy with a vast choice of different pills. We are works 24/7 to improve your health. Stay healthy!