Originally developed as antihypertensive, the drug sildenafil triggered second sexual revolution under the name Viagra. Although the preparation did not have the desired effect as a blood pressure medication, but as a side effect on the improvement of the erectile ability of the subjects it turned out to be a showstopper. A drug for erectile dysfunction, colloquially called impotence, was found. Potency treatments have become very popular in the last 20 years. The treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence is no longer a taboo, and men are increasingly finding it easier to take care of a potential-optimizing treatment.

What Are Some Other Pills Like Viagra?

The blue tablets became a huge deal for the manufacturer Pfizer. With Viagra alone, the pharmaceutical company worldwide converts $ 1.7 billion annually. Meanwhile, there are other preparations with the same effect, it contains the active ingredients tadalafil (trade name Cialis) or vardenafil (trade name Levitra). Quite new on the market is a fourth active ingredient called avanafil.

These drugs inhibit a specific enzyme (phosphodiesterase 5) that usually controls the expansion of cavernosal vessels. The active ingredients are therefore also called PDE5 inhibitors. Since they ensure that the smooth muscle cells in the penis relax, so take up more space. In conjunction with tight surrounding connective tissue, the pressure in the penis increases and the outflow of blood is diminished. It comes to erection.

Anyone who believes that taking Viagra and Co. alone would lead to an erection is mistaken. If you simply swallow the tablet and then continue to write e-mails, for example, nothing will happen. Sexual stimulation is needed first, and Viagra only enhances the blood flow effect, which ideally leads to a visible erection.

PDE5 inhibitors are therefore ineffective in erectile dysfunction caused by nerve damage. Even if there are circulatory disorders, they can not be used. Other contraindications can be determined by a doctor after a thorough examination. Medications like Viagra should be taken only after a doctor’s prescription.

The highest efficacy occurs with the drugs approximately one hour and ten minutes after ingestion. Thereafter, the effect decreases continuously. In some patients, however, the effect last seven five hours after taking Cialis, Levitra or Viagra for an adequate erection.

In our highly sexualized society, male sexual performance is easily equated with masculinity. Thus, Viagra also sells very well as a lifestyle product. The policy even excluded the potency pills in 2004 by law from the drugs. The cash registers take no more cost. Since then, erectile dysfunction has been seen by policy-makers as being less in need of treatment than overweight or hair loss. That’s no problem for the pharmaceutical companies since the clientele does not support these viewpoints: The demand for power resources is increasing continuously.

What Is The Most Effective Pill For ED?

The popularity of the three ED drug and the variety of their generics has increased. Of course, this variety of treatment for erectile dysfunction has its advantages: there is a choice between solutions, which are based on the different needs and preferences. In addition to sildenafil in tablet form, there are other forms of potency-enhancing products, such as injectables, chewable tablets and a cream, a comparison of these potency agents can be found here.

But what is the difference between Viagra and Cialis and how does Levitra compare to erectile dysfunction and what is the difference between Spedra and these remedies? Which power means in comparison are best for you? What advantages does Spedra offer and what does Cialis? We answer these questions and help you in the selection of the appropriate means in the context of our ED drug comparison.

The blue pill is known worldwide. When one thinks of a drug for the treatment of impotence, a Viagra comes to mind first. Introduced in 1998, Viagra is the oldest remedy for impotence treatment. The effect of Viagra begins after about 30-60 minutes and the power means acts for about four hours. There are more official detected possible side effects for Viagra compared to other sexual enhancers, but this is mainly due to the fact that it is already much longer in the market.

The generic version of Viagra is sildenafil. This sexual enhancer contains the same ingredients as Viagra and can legally be sold as the Viagra license expired in 2013. Viagra is not for nothing the best known sexual enhancer. Currently, Viagra is by far the most established sexual enhancer on the market.

Cialis is available in two different versions, once as a daily tablet (2.5 & 5mg) and once as a ‘weekend tablet’ (10 & 20mg).  Cialis 2.5 & 5mg is taken daily at the same time. The daily intake can be perceived as a disadvantage, but the advantage of this method is considerable, since this ED drug is fully effective 24 hours a day. Of course, this does not mean that an erection is always present, but only that the effect of the power means begins as soon as a sexual stimulation takes place. Thus, the possibility for spontaneity is guaranteed and the intake can take place without having to interrupt the foreplay.

The effect of the regular Cialis tablet, also called ‘weekend tablet’, lasts up to 36 hours. Although it does not start until about 30 minutes after taking it, it will last for one and a half days, which will allow you a lot of spontaneity during this time. The most common side effects of Cialis in comparison are headache, back pain, nasal congestion, indigestion, muscle aches and reflux.

The daily Cialis version is very well suited for those who have no problem taking a tablet daily and expect to have sex two to three times a week. The ‘weekend tablet’ is especially suitable for a special weekend where you do not want to worry about taking tablets. For those who do not want to take a tablet every day to treat impotence, Levitra ED agent is suitable. The effect of Levitra begins about 25 to 60 minutes after ingestion and persists for up to five hours.

One of the advantages of Levitra compared to other remedies is that it can also be taken in a soluble form. This special tablet dissolves discretely when placed on the tongue without drinking water. Thus, the drug can be taken without causing excitement. The most common side effects of Levitra in comparison are headache, indigestion, a stuffy or runny nose, dizziness and hot flashes. For those who want a subtle sexual enhancer, the soluble tablet is particularly good.

Spedra, another remedy for erectile dysfunction, is also taken just before it is used. The benefit of this potency drug is that it works faster than Viagra, Levitra and Cialis in comparison, all of which must be taken half an hour or more before sexual intercourse. In comparison, the effect of Spedra starts within 15 minutes. The most common side effects with this remedy are headache, flushing and a stuffy nose. Our ED drug comparison allows you to find the sexual enhancer that suits you. Note that none of these sexual enhancers can be purchased without a prescription.

Viagra Taken With Other ED Drugs

Patient instructions for Viagra and its generic versions all explicitly say that taking sildenafil pills alongside with any other PDE5 inhibitor out there. The rationale behind this recommendation is simple and logical: since all of the existing oral ED solutions belong to the same class of drugs, taking two or more of them within the same period of 24 hours can lead to overdose.

So how do you handle the situation where you would like to accrue the benefits of any other potency agent? Doctors recommend to take such drugs on different days, always waiting for 24 hours’ period to be over before taking another pill of PDE5 inhibitor of your choice. In this way, you will avoid developing the symptoms of overdose which can be dangerous while getting the most advantages from Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their generics.