• Sildenafil Combined With Other ED Drugs: Is It Possible?

    Originally developed as antihypertensive, the drug sildenafil triggered second sexual revolution under the name Viagra. Although the preparation did not have the desired effect as a blood pressure medication, but as a side effect on the improvement of the erectile ability of the subjects it turned out to be a showstopper. A drug for erectile dysfunction, colloquially called impotence, was found. Potency treatments have become very popular in the last 20 years. The treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence is no longer a taboo, and men are increasingly finding it easier to take care of a potential-optimizing treatment. What Are Some Other Pills Like Viagra? The blue tablets became a huge deal for the manufacturer Pfizer. With Viagra alone, the pharmaceutical company worldwide converts $ 1.7 billion annually. Meanwhile, there are other preparations with the same effect, it contains the active ingredients tadalafil (trade name Cialis) or vardenafil (trade name […]