The demand for Indian generics in Canada has been growing rapidly in recent years. This is due to many factors:

  • comparatively lower cost in relation to the original drugs.
  • the need to purchase originals only on prescription (for many categories of drugs). In most cases, Indian generics are dispensed without a prescription.
  • deficiency in original medicines and availability of generics.

Why are Indian generics cheaper than originals?

Each pharmaceutical company introducing new drugs is forced to spend very large amounts on the theoretical development of a new chemical formula, calculation of a dosage form, laboratory and clinical testing, including ones on volunteers, an advertising company and other marketing activities that promote the appearance of a new medicine on the shelves of pharmacies. All this takes 10-15 years, during which pharmacists still do not receive direct profit, but are forced to bear high costs. The patent is limited to 15 years for the United States. Naturally, immediately after passing through all the necessary procedures and from the moment the sales start, all these expenses affect the cost of a new medicine. Therefore, the prices of original medicines are so high.

Companies that do not develop and introduce new drugs are spared the need to bear these costs. They have the opportunity to immediately release a similar drug, which has already been tested, introduced to the market and promoted by developers. The cost of a new medicine is determined only by the costs of its direct production, and its share in the formation of the final price is relatively small. Therefore, Indian analogues cost much less than the original drugs in Canadian pharmacies. At the same time, they retain all the medicinal properties that the originally developed drugs have. Generic is not a fake, it is a complete drug developed by competitors using the same technologies and having the same chemical formula as the innovative product.

Main production regions and main distribution markets

The main sales markets are:

  • Canada – 63%.
  • Italy – 61%.
  • England – 62%.
  • France – 49%.
  • Germany – 32%.
  • Japan – 27%.
  • USA – 16%.

In many countries, it is almost possible to reliably estimate the share, since they are dissolved in the market among official counterparts, unofficially issued copies and fakes. They differ from other products, except for originals and official analogues, so they are legally produced pharmaceutical products, which are 100% identical to the originals in chemical composition and have exactly the same effectiveness.

Why exactly India?

Even at a time when India was a British colony, the metropolis paid great attention to the development of pharmaceutical production in this country. Many drugs, having English origin, were made in India. Since gaining independence, India did not lost its experience and has become one of the world leaders in the production of pharmaceuticals. Naturally, they accounted for a significant part of the drugs imported by many countries. Given the traditionally developed pharmaceutical production, they all differ in absolute identity to the original and high quality. One of the best examples is Sunrise Pharma. Since India has achieved outstanding results in the production of medicinal analogues, and its share in the total mass of drugs distributed is becoming increasingly significant, a new trend has recently appeared – a release by the development companies themselves.

Indian generics for men: reviews

Indian generics for men are analogues of the popular Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. They are designed to restore male potency and improve the quality of sexual life. They have an identical composition and pattern of exposure. A distinctive feature of Indian generics is accessibility, as well as instant and vivid action. Products meet high standards and are completely safe for health.

Benefits of Indian generics

Unlike genuine drugs, in which 100 mg of sildenafil and tadalafil are present, generics have 150 mg of active ingredients. Thanks to this, the effect of the generic is noticeable after 30 minutes, and the one of the original – after 60 minutes. Despite the high quality level of active ingredients, the products are suitable for men at any age. They are safe, have no side-effects and are not addictive. The action of Indian generics lasts 4 hours.

Another main advantage of drugs is their cost. Due to the minimal advertising costs, the price of analogues is two times lower than the one of the originals. At the same time, the components used to create generics are not inferior in quality to the substances that form the basis of original products. Generics have been proven to be highly effective and safe. Today, Indian generics for men with positive reviews are in great demand around the world.

Composition and action of Indian generics

The analogues contain sildenafil, an active component that absorbs the activity of PDE5 enzyme . This enzyme causes ejaculation prematurely, and in the presence of erectile dysfunction, the duration of sexual intercourse is reduced. Under the influence of sildenafil, the body absorbs nerve endings that cause vasoconstriction and rapid production of seminal fluid. Sildenafil has a stimulating effect. It increases the effect of nitrogen oxide on smooth male muscles, after which they become relaxed and flexible, without interfering with the normal blood circulation inside  penis. After a long intake of Indian generics, an erection is obtained quickly.

Generic Benefits:

  • Increases penis sensitivity.
  • Increases libido.
  • Stabilizes the degree of testosterone.
  • Improves the quality of seminal fluid.
  • Protects an organism from inflammatory processes.

Active ingredient is not compatible with alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol, the level of drug enzyme in blood increases, which contributes to the appearance of serious side-effects. Also, the drug is not recommended to be used together with medicines that contain nitrates, alpha-blockers, inhibitory components. Indian Viagra is not recommended for use with similar remedies for potency boost. Before using a generic, it is necessary to be examined and consult a doctor.